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Tīeke Tour Screenprint

$185.00 NZD

The native birds in the Wattlebird group make great music, so I designed a series of posters to promote their nationwide gigs. This one follows on from the sold-out editions of The Huia Show and Kōkako Come Back.

Once unceremoniously ‘expatriated’ from New Zealand’s mainland and exiled to perform only on small islands, the Tīeke (Saddleback) has yet to fully recover to tour its homeland once again. Unlike the Tuī, Kākā, Kererū, Riroriro (and even Kārearea!) that regularly fly past my window, I’m yet to spot a Tīeke.

Two colourways are available – South ‘Taukihepa’ Edition (Green) and North ‘Taranga’ Edition (Red).

Two-colour screenprint on 216gsm Environment paper stock.

Hand embossed, signed and numbered.

500mm × 750mm

Limited edition of 60 of each colourway

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Please Note
The art prints are delicate in nature and it’s recommended they are framed for display. They will be shipped in a tube.

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Quality NZ Art Prints

Walter Hansen’s art prints take inspiration from the things flying around us in Aotearoa New Zealand. The printing methods and materials are as important as the design itself – letterpress printing and screen printing are chosen for their visual depth and tactility.

Limited Editions

All art prints are signed, embossed and hand-numbered limited edition print runs, designed and printed in Wellington, New Zealand. No design will be repeated in the same colourway.


Currently shipping is only avalable within New Zealand, all prints will be sent via tracked courier. If you are outside of  New Zealand please get in touch and we’ll see what we can do.

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