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The UnderTOW  play collection


This is the collected set of Helen Pearse-Otene’s quartet of plays that make up The UnderTOW, performed by Te Rākau Theatre. We reworked our 2014 design for the live performances and designed and typeset the 280 internal pages.
“It’s audacious, often beautiful and a welcome antidote to the state-of-the-nation plays that too often avoid wrangling with the colonial pollution of New Zealand’s history. It’s an uncompromising communication of the poison that runs deep in our land, a powerful challenge to remember a history that never stopped living, and a stirring invitation for us to come together, to connect, and to start healing.” —PANTOGRAPH PUNCH

Writer: Helen Pearse-Otene
Jim Moriarty
Marketing & Publicity:
Aneta Ruth

Client: Te Rakau Theatre

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