Kōwhai Squadron Screenprint

Red/Silver, Black/Silver & Cream/Silver- 3 Editions

As a kid, I loved building model jets – even though I was pretty terrible at it. Impatience played a role here. The application of the decals was my favourite part. After the baffling construction and tedious glue-drying phase was over, I could kit them out in their squadron’s livery and get to dogfighting them around the house. Tūī, by my observation, are nutters and show-offs – quite like daredevil fighter pilots – and I took it upon myself to design a fantastical decal set to celebrate that.

Taking cues from military fighter planes’ ‘low visibility’ grey-on-grey paint jobs, these are screenprinted in metallic silver on beautiful 270 gsm Mohawk Via Feltpaper stock.

Hand embossed, signed and numbered.

500mm × 500mm

Limited edition of 40 in each colourway
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