Kōwhai Squadron Plywood Screenprint

Plywood Edition

As a kid, I loved building model jets – even though I was pretty terrible at it. Impatience played a role here. The application of the decals was my favourite part. After the baffling construction and tedious glue drying phase was over, I could kit them out in their squadron’s livery and get to dogfightin’ them around the house.

Tūī, by my observation, are nutters and show-offs – and they should have their own decal set to celebrate that. These have a not-so-perfect finish (quite a lot like the plastic planes I used to make when I was 10) due to the printing method and material used which, as expected, suits the essence of the design. As a result each print is quite different both in the wood grain and the way the three inks soaked into the surface.

Three colour screenprint on 7 mm New Zealand Pinus Radiata plywood.

Hand signed and numbered

590mm × 590mm

Limited edition of 8
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